10 Reasons to Ask for a National or International Credit Card

  Ask for a card – how, when, where?     When you are dealing with credit cards, there are several different information that you need to know. It is important to understand all the advantages and disadvantages when dealing with your finances and budgets related to your salary and income. Just remember that your […]

Credit Card for Negativado

    Did you know that even if you’re “down”, you can get conventional and virtual credit card fast and easy? “Many Brazilians nowadays want and even urgently need to get a credit card to refuse or do not routinely consult the Serasa and SPC, since they have the dirty name.” By looking at Google […]

How to Qualify and Get Your First Credit Card

  CONTENT INDEX How do I get my first credit card Using your credit card responsibly How do you first take out a credit card? 1. Have a proven and verifiable income 2. Have a guarantor or guarantor What is the easiest credit card to get first? Order your first store credit card How do […]

Debt | What Happen If I Do Not Pay a Personal Credit

  Consequences of not paying a personal credit The payment of a credit or personal loan must be more important than the payment of other expenses that you have. Not paying a debt to a bank or a lender carries with it consequences that can be a problem over time. Some of them are: The […]

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